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equipment and  mature technology for manufacturing two stroke exhaust valves and valve seats. The raw material,  austenitic heat resistant steel SNCRW we used,  are approved by MAN Turbo.The key process, such as valve surface hardening and rod coating are designed by ourselves. IMS is the biggest  and most reliable two- stroke engine valve manufacurer with the highest technology level in China.Since year 2000, IMS has produced thousands of  two-stroke valves for MAN B&W, WARTSILA,  SULZER, UEC engines, etc.
On the other hand, IMS is conducting new technology research and development on dura - spindle and Nimonic material actively ,IMS also pay attention to import and and absorb advanced technology from abroad. Now  IMS has been able to supply the whole series of exhaust valves,valve seats for MAN and WARTSILA engine types with original quality and has become the exclusive agent in the field of supporting engine builders in china for FRIEND company in South Korea, who is the approved manufacturer of MAN Turbo.IMS  is also the supplier for HHM( Hu Dong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.) , CMD (CSSC-MES Diesel Co.,Ltd),  DMD (DALIAN MARINE DIESEL CO.,LTD), QMD (Qingdao Qiyao Wartsila MHI Linshan Marine Diesel Co., Ltd, ) for supporting services, including the latest G80MEC, G70MEC, WX72 models series etc.

For more information please download 2-stroke engine valves & seats.

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